sustainability manifesto

As a jewelry company, Corali rises from the Danish culture of design and architecture known for its understated simplicity, quality craftsmanship, and aesthetic longevity. Designed by architect Caroline Sillesen, each piece is handwrought in solid materials and designed to be worn for generations, so that it can outlive you – if you take good care of it. Like this, Corali is both designed and produced for a future where we consume less and prioritize the quality of our belongings. 

Since day one, it has been the ambition for Corali to develop as a sustainable brand with no overproduction to ensure as little environmental impact as possible. Corali aims for a production based on 100% reused gold. All pieces are made in solid 14kt gold or sterling silver. Therefore, the color, shape, and expression of your piece will stay the same as when you bought it. We produce some of our jewelry from scratch without casting. These pieces are made out of the excess silver and gold from our production. When renovating a cast into a final piece in our workshop in Copenhagen, we collect and store dust and pieces from the process. For example, the Purpura Earring we melt excess gold into a cube, flatten it into a gold sheet and afterwards start drawing and cutting out the shape. Hereby, we let no excess materials go to waste. Corali uses only certified diamonds in order to secure a responsible and proper production and supply chain. All pearls we use for our jewelry are Japanese Akoya pearls, which are cultured in saltwater. This process is the most natural way for humans to produce pearls and the closest resemblance to natural pearls in both look and quality. 

As every piece is produced locally in Copenhagen, the production of our pieces follows your demand. This means that, besides from showpieces and a few bestsellers, we do not store pieces, but produce each piece by order - when it is wanted. This is why Corali has less than 1% waste in overall production. The solid materials are reusable and can be made into new jewelry. Pieces that have not been sold within 18 months will be sent back to our workshop and transformed into new. Like our jewelry, all of our packaging is produced in Denmark. Your Corali piece is packed in a handmade silk bag sewn by our seamstress in Copenhagen, before it is put in a box made from FSC certified cardboard securing at least 70% reused materials. 90% of our production is transported by bicycle to minimize pollution, and shipping orders are packed in reused LDPE plastic. Finally, to the furthest extent possible, we aim to have your piece transported with a service that uses electric vehicles. 

All things considered, from idea to product, Corali is designed to sustain.

To sum up, Corali works to optimize the following four parameters for a sustainable impact:    

Production - made per order to avoid overproduction

Materials - certified, pure, and often recycled

Scale - local production to minimize transportation and CO2 emission. Most orders transported by bicycle

Social sustainability - we work closely with our goldsmiths, who work according to Danish law and regulation in our workshop in Copenhagen